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3 Ways to Get More Followers on Instagram

Most people and especially businesses that make use of Instagram want to attract more followers. Regardless if you are new or been using the app for a long time, the end goal stays the same, to get more followers on your account. Let’s face it, people want the spotlight in real life and that is mainly the same thing with regards to their social networks. Instagram isn’t a different platform and people who gain lots of followers could make living off of social networks.

If for example that you’re new to using Instagram, then you may feel a bit intimidating but don’t give up instantly, you must take time and have fun. You don’t have to worry a thing if you only have few followers since when posting regularly to your page, it will help in building your followers soon after.

If you want to ensure that you are getting constant flow of followers to your account, then read the next lines.

Schedule – if you wish to become popular on IG and want your followers to grow, then you need to post on a regular basis. And if you want to take bring it to another level, then you have to stick on posting schedules so your followers can know when a new image will become available.

If you are facing downtime and you are not able to post for a while, then there’s possibility that your followers may delete you and find someone else to follow. Friends in real life on the other hand will not do this to you but if you have followers following you as a result of similar interests, then there is chance they will unfollow you.

Tagging – your first upload to IG probably have no tags in it. Actually, this is something that’s extremely important and must not be taken for granted. But you should not worry yourself too much because this is a common mistake for first timers. You however must quickly learn how to use tags if you want to reach out to more people of the same interests. If you don’t use tags, your image will be visible to users who are only on your friends list.

This is due to the reason that there’s nothing attached to the image in order to make it searchable. The tags are exposing your photos to the platform which helps you get more followers on IG.

Social Networks – believe it or not, making use of other social media platforms together with IG is among the best ways of increasing your followers. With this in mind, many of the successful Instagrammers are always telling newbie to make sure to include their Facebook and Twitter as well as other social media accounts to their IG.

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